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Yesterday skipped my last art class. I went all the way there and then left. Just had other things to do and wasn't into it. Made chocolate chip gingerbread too, but still haven't finished painting or present shopping.

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Japanese hot plate dinner tonight. And a massive fail on the Xmas shopping. At least sis is not to tally sure how many cousins once removed we have at this point either. Watching sound of music. It is lovely. Also hot tub time machine at the same time by switching during commercials.

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My little sister is in labour. I'm going to be an auntie! Poor S. It's her birthday. She always disliked having her birthday so near christmas, and now it's going to be two birthdays on the same day near christmas. Unless this takes a super long time of course.
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It is an absolutely beautiful day out.

And I'm screwed becaues I have to do my taxes (for the last two years) and I really don't know how.

So I'll futz around with it here for a bit, and then try and find one of those do-your-taxes-for-you places, that is hopefully open and not too swamped.

I guess I should do some work too, but I really don't want to. And maybe go for a walk. yeah.
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Fairly uneventful trip up to Ottawa yesterday. It was a speed-trip really - from my door in the morning to the plane landing back in TO on the way back.. maybe half an hour more than it would take me to drive there one way. Ok, maybe a little more than that then.

I should really have booked a later flight back - as it turned out the meeting was pretty much exactly accross the road from the Mayflower, and I could have gone in for lunch. Plus of course, it meant I still had to do work in the afternoon back here.

dunno what the hell I was thinking there really.

I'm procrastinating today.

OH, Apparently my sister will be on Canada AM tomorrow morning at 8:45am. I'll be asleep of course, but if anyone wants to watch my family member plugging something, that's the time and place.
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My big resolution not to be late for work this year is off to a flying start. I am exactly 24 hours early. Apparently the office doesn't re-open till tomorrow.

Who can I email to let them know I was here to make my keenness pay off?
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Back now. Leaving for Kamloops in 20hours. Laundry done and napped, so ready to go I guess.

That was a very very good holiday. Considering it was cloudy and rainy and the food was terrible. Yup. yup pretty good.
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One last thing, and I swear I'll stop writing, and maybe I'll then be able to stop re-litigating this case in my head over and over.

Why maybe I should lose anyway )
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And here are the reasons I should lose. ) I guess I could live with it if I lost for that reason.
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Ok, Can I just say? Section 51 of the Canada Pension Plan is SO discriminatory.

The reasons why I should win )
Sorry. As I've said, I've TOTALLY fallen for this case. I HAVE to get it out of my system.

And remind myselves of all the reasons we're going to lose OTHER than that federal court judges are cranky bastards.

[Edit: I do beleive I was more coherent than that during actual argument. I hope to god I was anyway]
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I have a hearing tomorrow and the next day. Actually, we're scheduled for two days, but it may take only one.

I have been in my office all afternoon rehearsing my submissions.

I have to cross examine two experts in pension plan policy.

I don't know SHIT about pension plan policy. But I have to sound like I do enough to cast doubt on these experts. My own expert is frankly not inspiring.

Then I have about..oh, four hours worth of submissions to make. FOUR HOURS OF ME TALKING.

At least I think 4 hours. I've never done it straight through, cos always when practicing I notice something wrong, and have to go away and look it up or change it..

And now the panic is setting in, plus I think I may have worn out my voice already from practicing. By this time tomorrow I'm going to have full on larangytis. I hope to god they supply water at this place.

JUDGES! Real Judges, not like political appointee labour tribunal members.

This'll be fine.

I'm never going to sleep tonight.
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I feel a need to develop a coherent position on government intervention on self-inflicted/risked harm.  At the moment:

  • I have little to no problem with an outright ban on driving without a seatbelt 
  • I would have a problem with an outright ban on alcohol or smoking. 
  • I would have a problem with a ban on skiing, mountain climbing, (general risk activities) 
  • I do not have a problem with 'sin taxes' to discourage alcohol/smoking. 
  • I do not have much of a problem with user fees for rescue services for some clearly defined risk activities (mountain climing etc) 
  • I abolutely have a problem with any departure from no-fee medical services for any reason, self-inflicted injury, risk-taking injury or whatever. 

    I'm pretty sure I want to limit the governments ability to dictate my behaviour, short of behaviour that causes harm to others.  So I'm pretty sure I want to defend the proposition that the Government shouldn't limit/ban/impose costs on behaviours that have negative impact only on the individual doing the activities. 

    As against that three arguments
  1. Whole premise is wrong - there is a principled argument in favour of a democratic governnment taking steps to prevent citizens from harming themselves.
  2. Whole premise is wrong - there is no principled argument against a democratic government taking steps to prevent citizens from harming themselves. 
  3.  Facts are wrong - in a society with a publicly funded health care system, there are no truly self-regarding harms, because hospital/doctors/rescue etc all a shared tax burden therefore its always the governments business.

    aggh.. must do actual work.  I'll comb back to this later.
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I have a stack of unopened mail about a foot and a half high on my desk at home. My basic life-maintenance tasks have fallen significantly behind.

doctors apt
dentist apt
eye apt and new glasses and contact
taxes (last year and this year)
law society fees
insurance payments
phone bill
gas bill
loan payments (private and government)
internet hookup
job applications
job search
wasp extermination
drivers licence replacement
health card replacement
lawyer card obtain
canadian passport replacement
british passport replacement
credit card application
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A is going to move to Whitehorse, cos she met a boy there on holiday.

E is going to move to, I think it's Cambridge Bay, on Victoria Island, to become the Family law officer for the region.

J has her own law practice and her girlfriend is going to OCAD.

K.. well K's work doesn't sound all that exciting to me, but she has the constant drama of a boyfriend with kind of an addiction problem.

R just moved to Ottawa to be a policy assistant to the Minister of Justice

M and C just moved to London England to start new high flying job

J and L are moving to Vancouver to take up human rightsy type work

My dad just climbed Mont Blanc. Or almost, he had a vertigo attack on one of the more droppy-away bits and froze up and eventually had to go back. But close.

My Mom went to the Shaw festival on the weekend, and testified before the provincial legislature last week for her professional association. And she's flying to england to meet my dad and for a school reunion on Thursday.

My Sister has just finished her book, which should be out in a few months, and is covering crime stuff for the paper. Her boyfriend has tonsilitis.


I have a cold. And I just bought a DVD player so I spent the weekend watching the second season of the American version of the Office.

And.. that's about it. I have ABSOLUTELY nothing to contribute to any conversations whatsoever. I didn't even see the leadership debates on the weekend. I didn't go to any of the TIFF stuff. I still haven't paid my taxes, although I have now paid my library fines. My wallet got lost, so I have the excitement of trying to replace all my ID. That is all. I could cry.
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..cos WOW are my teeth ever clean. Poked and scraped within an inch of their lives. Still, I think I got my money's worth. I really need to get some insurance.

Sailing on the weekend with K and A. It was a fantastic day out, and we went out for brunch first. And everything was going very smoothly, yet I pulled an almost complete Rainman-and-the-smoke-detector anxiety attack. Just cos it was a little windy. And ok, at one point at the dock I thought K and A were going to let go of the dock just as we'd managed to come in and we'd drift backwards. But even that woudn't have been the end of the world, I dunno what I was getting so excited about.

I think maybe its a little bit because.. well, when it's windy and I have new crew on board who can't trapeze, that means the only way to sail is just to rag the main constantly, and I can't point, and it just feels.. it's hard to describe it's a horrible way to sail because the balance is all off. Maybe something like driving with one very flat tire. Anyway, it was like nails on a blackboard all afternoon and I got so edgy I made us come in early.

And I bought a new DVD player. There were two types in the store, one for less than half the price of the other. I ASKED the guy what the difference was for such a big price gap, and he SAID that they were pretty much identical except for the brand name. So even though I should, I guess, have known that the super-super-cheap version was likely to be a bad idea, well. I couldn't buy the more expensive one just because it was more expensive could I?

Anyway, OF COURSE the cheapo piece of crap doesn't work at all. At first the power wouldn't go on, then it did go on, the drawer opened half way and stuck and then it shut down completely. So I can't even package it up again properly cos it's busted half open.

Bloody thing.
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Apparently, I am Canadian Counsel for the Union today.

By virtue of every other lawyer being out of the office.

Yippee! I'm extending my contract forever! I'm transferring all my files! New office policy that ... well. Since I'm the only one here, I'm the only one who'd have to obey my policies. hrf. Well, we'll just consider all other office policies waived for now.

And here's hoping there is no significant labour unrest in the country today needing legal advice.
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A lot of these pictures, I don't even know what the fuck they are.

My Interests Collage! )
Create your own! Originally Written By [ profile] ga_woo, Hosted and ReWritten by [ profile] darkman424
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I read a totally crap book last night. "Mirror Mirror".

I was having a hard time getting through it, and finally realized.. I think it's punctuation was all off or something. I'd have to read really slowly and carefully just to get the sense of the sentences. And there was just weird writing, where I'm not sure if it's an editing error, or really fancy words, or something stylistic I'm not getting.


"Damn: she'd be shabbed into waking early with the sunlight" (Shabbed? Is that a word?)


"She passed under the Rialto bridge, which was as clear of crowds as if plague had wiped its bloody bottom on both approaches." (Ew)


"Upon its buckling knee the horizon balanced the head of a jackal moon, so called because, once every generation or so, a smear of celestial flotsam converged behind the crescent moon of early autumn. The impact was decidedly creepy, a look of a brow and a snout. In the weeks the moon took to round out, it turned from a starvelying into a successful hunter, its cheeks bulging"

Stupid dumb book.

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