Sep. 6th, 2006 05:30 pm
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I HATES the triksy Employment Standards Act, so I does.

And it's nastly little regulations too.
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I think I should go home.

There are things I could do here, but no real deadlines, and frankly, I'm just staring at the pages now.

Maybe I will then.

Oh lordy

Sep. 1st, 2006 01:51 pm
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Unprofessional behavior.

I MUST figure out the hands free function better on this phone.

I could have sworn I'd hung up before I started cursing about the person I'd just been speaking to. Apparently not.


Aug. 31st, 2006 10:09 am
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I have GOT to start going to bed earlier.

I slept right through TWO alarm clocks on monday and tuesday. Tuesday I didn't get to work till after 11am.

And I just keep staying up late. Last night reading this godawful book. It wasn't even good. It wasn't even not-good-but-i-have-to-see-what-happens-in-the-end. It was just bad. But I stayed up till after 3am reading it and now I'm late and feeling crappy again.
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I tried writing a what-I've-been-up-to post, but it was boring the crap out of me so I've stopped.

We'll just summarize and then can start over.

I haven't had any time off, but I have:

Been to the Ex - Cotton candy, bumper cars and whack-a-mole fun, damn rides with their damn centrifugal force not fun. Five minutes of awkwardness while desperately trying to fight the laws of physics so as not to squish a casual acquaintance is just annoying/embarassing.

Been swimming - After 20 years of driving by Sunnybrook pool I've finally been in. S'nice

Been sailing - Once with Mark in no wind, once with Dan in almost-to-much wind. Dan said he knew how to sail. He lied. We dumped but got her back up nicely.

Been the island/lain on the beach - As it turns out I don't much like the beach. Sand gets everywhere and if you try to read the sun gets in your eyes. Plus naked old men. ick.

Been up to Ottawa a couple times - Met Alysia's lovely parents. Played backgammon with Bijon.

Been shot down for some more jobs, and not bothered to apply for some others - no comment

Been to the spicy food festival - but didn't really eat anything as line ups too long. Beer by the lake tho was nice.

Been to a snotty bar with a guest list - Good live music, but I was sulky.

Been to the Fringe Festival - 1. Very bad autobiographical monologue, 2. Very weird poetry reading 3. Sporadically good combo of flamenco dancing and popping.

Eaten bbq on other people's decks and patios - Always good.

I've read some rather bad books and seen a lot of bad movies - And started some 'good' books but never seem to get through them. Apparently I secretly prefer total trash.
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It is just thundering and lightning-ing and pouring like stink. Very impressive.

I still just really want to go home tho.
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Tagged by silver_seraph.

I've forgotten the instructions tho. I think it was post 7 songs you're into right now.

It's depressing, but I haven't been into any particular music in a while. I get Pandora at work tho, so there's the songs that come up alot there, that I seem not to fast forward through.

1. I'm Beginning to see the Light - Kelly Rowland
2. My Blue Heaven - Fats Domino
3. Simon Smith and His Amazing Dancing Bear - The Alan Price Set
4. Travelling Soldier - Dixie Chicks
5. Happy Birthday - Concrete Blonde
6. American Music - Violent Femmes
7. Fill your Heart - Biff Rose


Jun. 27th, 2006 10:08 am
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I just was bored and googled myself, as you do, and discovered that my thesis is on the internet.

It's got a front page saying:

The author has granted a nonexclusive licence allowing the National Library of Canada to reproduce, loan, distriiute or sell copies of this thesis in microform, paper or electronic formats.

I do NOT remember that. I think I remember that the University got a copy for its records. Did I seriously tell the govt it could post my thesis on the internet? Why the FUCK would I do that?

Was the internet even a THING then?
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I have invited a TONNE of people over to my house for a party on Friday.

I had sort of kinda run this by Downstairs and gotten at least an agreement in principle that I could use the back yard.

AFter last night tho, she's 'not sure what her plans are' for Friday. If she's home we can't use the back yard, if she isn't we can.

Now first of all I don't get that. She NEVER uses the back yard, she certainly, whatever she's doing, she won't be out there on Friday night. If she's anywhere she'll be in her front room, which is directly underneath my front room, and so directly underneath where I'll apparently be trying to fit about 50 people if I can't use the back yard. You'd think that'd be louder and MORE annoying for her.

And second of all, I need her to make up her mind. I cannot fit all these people upstairs, and if I have to relocate this I should do so soon. Likewise, if the backyard is an option, I need to start, oh, I dunno, clearing a place in the weeds, determining if there are lights out there at all, trying to get my hands on extra chairs. Things like that.

Not that I'm fretting or stressing at all about this.

It's bin a while since I had a party actually.
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Leave your name, and ..

1. I'll respond with something random about you
2. I'll challenge you to try something
3. I'll pick a colour that I associate with you
4. I'll tell you something I like about you
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of
7. I'll ask you something I've always wanted to ask you
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on yours
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mmmmmmmmmmmm wildcat transit strike today.

Actually, a little reminiscent of the power outage, all these people on the street, sitting in sidewalk cafes cos there's no cabs and even if you could traffic's too bad to get anywhere. Plus, gave me half a day off. And darn it all, I can't even work late to make up for it, cos I'll be grabbing a ride home on a moped.

Hey - Ottawa ppl - I may be up on wednesday to make some presentation before some legislative sub-committee or something (eep). I dunno if I'd have time to drop by and say Hi, but I would dearly love to if the family is accepting visitors.
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I normally do not have this hard a time getting along with people. I mean, even people I know I'm probably not going to be good friends with, I can generally manage to get through time with them without things degenerating into a screaming fight. So what the hell is up with me and art teachers?

Today was bad. After a while it got to that point in the argument where I have a choice between the next words out of my mouth being "Listen you howling bitch..' and watching the whole thing just escalate RIGHT out of control, or just shutting up completely and backing off. Since the rest of the class was getting into it too at that point, (oh HER side!) and we were almost an hour into the class without anyone actually getting to do anything cos of this argument, I decided to back off.

Not that I ever really backed on, ALL I did was ask ONE, VERY basic question about the nature of abstract art. Which did not seem out of line to me in an abstract art class.

Ok, I did use the word 'pretty' in the question, and I know the P word is anathema to artists for some reason, but I corrected myself immediately and made it clear that I meant 'visually interesting' but that wasn't good enough.

So I got to spend the last hour and a half quietly seething and being pointedly ignored by the teacher and all the others. BUT I am DEFINITELY going in next week early to have a little chat with her. ARGG.

Worst thing? Stupid, snobby yes-men classmates, who don't know what the hell they're talking about - One of them pipes up once we've all settled down to work:

'May be there should be two classes. One for beginners, y'know? And one for the rest of us, who know about art'

Fucking cow.

Sucks tho cos actually she's the only one in the class who's work is actually good, so I can't also insult her ability here.

I should totally have asked her to take it outside. Except really. I am way too old for that.
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Ever have one of those days/weeks/months where everything you touch seems to turn to crap? And that crap generates more stuff you need to do to fix the first crap, and that in turn contains more errors and opens up more avenues for attack and crap-ness which just spirals into an ever increasing mess of horribleness?

Yah. FUCK.
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Noo no no.

All week I have been freaking out about these horrible submissions that have to be in by, oh, NOW. I was here REALLY very late indeed a couple of nights working on them. They are long and complicated and driving me crazy and a lot turns on them. My only fallback was that someone else was going to to check them over before they went out. I finished them last night. I discussed them with boss FIRST THING this morning. Made all of the extensive corrections and additions, and then sent them back for final approval.

Except she was in a meeting all aft and didn't reply, and now she's LEFT. So I just have to send them. As they are. With all the possibility/probability that I've totally misunderstood her instructions and will destroy any slim chance of success that this file might have had.

Alright it sounds a little wussy seen written down, but I really am not at all sure about these, and sending them off all unprotected to the highly hostile other parties to read and reply on is nervous making.

I was going to get more work done today now that i've got them done, but fuckit, I'm going home.
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6 Facts Meme
Once you've been tagged, you have to write a blog with 6 facts about yourself. In the end you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

Hm, I got tagged by both finalcut999 and kmfda. I choose to beleive that this does NOT mean that I have to do 12 facts.

1. I am 32
2. I am a currently a very junior union-side labour lawyer
3. I'm having a crappy week this week
4. I have one tattoo on ankle and one metal pin in shoulder
5. I intensely dislike and resent physical exercise
6. My family immigrated to Canada when I was 4

I'll have to think about who to tag, cos this has the potential to get real repetetive real fast.
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Neither the Ottawa job, nor the Toronto one.

It's starting to be difficult not to take this personally.

I refuse to beleive that I am less qualified to get a job than.. oh, all the people I graduated with who have them.
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I was bored and reading friends'-friends pages and found an old post with a debate over Starbucks and tongue piercings.

I don't really know the people and it was a while a go, so a bit off to comment directly.

But one comment bugged me.

The topic was Starbuck's apparent policy of refusing to hire anyone with a tongue piercing and firing any current employee who has one.

Someone commented to the effect that it's the employer's right to define their uniform and appearance standards.

I dunno how I feel about this. No, scratch that, I do know exaclty how I feel about this, I hear that sort of thing a lot and I think it's a bit silly.

Is there not a difference between 'Within their power' and 'their right'?

In a non-unionized workplace, sure, there are no laws forbidding employers from firing you for any reason short of a human rights violation. Or retaliation I guess, for various things. That's it. And since they can always, usually, find other people to hire you after letting you go, they can pretty much do what they want. They can, in theory, make up any non-racist/sexist etc rule they like and impose it, business justification be damned, cos what the hell are you going to do about it?

And sure, whatever, but that's well different from having a 'right'. Just cos you have the economic clout to impose your idiocy on others doesn't make it a 'right'. Cos really, a person has every 'right' to have their tongue pierced too, legally. It's just there's no way to enforce it if you also want a job.

I can see a better argument for an employer having a 'right' to require employees not to act in a way contrary to their business interests, actually, that actually is a common law thing. I can see the sense in the ER having generally the veto power in determining what IS in their business interests. But we already limit even those rights for all sorts of public policy reasons, so it's not exactly sacrosanct.

In a situation where the labour market was more employee favoured, say after a plague wipes out all but a handful of coffee-capable people, a person could negotiate a term of employment where say, maybe they could stick a clause in saying that the ER will exercise its management rights reasonably and/or in as least intrusive a way as possible.

This comes up in unionized places with beards sometimes. Not just in workplaces where there might be a legitimate reason for banning beards either, i.e. interferes with face masks. But ER's will assert that 'customer's prefer clean shaven staff' or some such thing, on just zero sociological evidence. And that's a rule that effects not just your work appearance but after work too. Silly rule.

And a dangerous attitude anyway, cos there's plenty of funky looking people out there who don't fall under human rights legislation protection who can be screwed by employers for no good reason.

Anyway, the actual content is sort of beside the point. My real thing is that not everything is about rights. Much much much of it is power. Stupid over-legalized society.
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Another BAD art class yesterday. Last week I spent most of the class being berated for missing the first three classes.

This week again, very much with the 'ai ai ai' from the highly excitable teacher for me for still being unprepared and useless and behind everyone else.

And I WAS unprepared, I admit it, I came with no idea of what I wanted to paint.

But since she didn't explain what the assignment meant until this week, I'm not sure how I could have prepared for it. All she said LAST week was that we are going to do an 'abstract painting based on the human form'. So spent all week trying to imagine how I could depict the human form without drawing a human form. And ok, I didn't come up with anything. (Well. Actually I came up with just slathering paint on two canvases before getting on the streetcar on the way to class and letting all the rush hour commuters get crushed into them, making interesting designs and a daring statement about the body as the locus of contact with the external world and each other. Plus, incidentally, making a statement about my bitterness that those of us without cars are still not allowed to leave any canvasses at the art school.) But it turns out I was really being a little over-zen about the whole thing and she really just meant that we'd be painting human forms but sort of Picasso/de Koening style. Globby stick figures with loud backgrounds basically.

In fairness to me, I HAD actually remembered her other instruction from last week, which was to bring 'pictures of the human' form to discuss and work with. I mean, I only remembered it about five minutes before class at the magazine stand at the subway station on the way, but I did remember.

But there too I misunderstood the instruction. She did not mean naked people. I did not need to rush that poor man who was hogging the stand, and buy the porn magazine. After seeing the cute balerina picture that was going to be the inspiration of the girl next to me and the three fashion model picture the other girl was using I decided not to own up to even having brought anything at all and so got 'ai ai ai'ed again by the teacher for being totally useless and not even remembering the simplest things.

Eventually I just painted one of my canvasses all red and the other one blue. On the basis that I've never really gotten to use my really bright/unnatural paint colours before. And then the whole class had to come and look because, apparently, I am the class idiot who can never think of anything and needs to be bucked up.

I was told they was lovely. I feel patronized.
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1. Last Friday I asked IT to remove Solitaire from my computer. Or rather, I asked if it was POSSIBLE, which she took as an instruction to do it. I suggested then maybe she could just make it harder for me to find, but NO, she took it right off. All day today, I keep automatically clicking the menu and then not knowing why. It's like having an amputated limb or something.

2. I spent my H&M birthday gift certificate over the weekend. H&M on the weekend is like shopping in a middleeastern souk or something. Piles of cheap clothing, hordes of people, heat, thumping music, and cranky salespeople shouting incomprehensibly at you. I bought a skirt. And a moderately indecent top that I am fairly sure I will never be brave enough to wear in public.

3. I'm forgetting something. Don't know what tho. Can't be taxes or fees or banking stuff, or job applications, cos while I haven't done any of that, I know I haven't done it. Something else. AS if that wasn't enuf.

[edit: I've remembered - My invoice. Need to get paid for April dammit. Need to remember what the hell I DID in April]

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