Aug. 30th, 2006

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I tried writing a what-I've-been-up-to post, but it was boring the crap out of me so I've stopped.

We'll just summarize and then can start over.

I haven't had any time off, but I have:

Been to the Ex - Cotton candy, bumper cars and whack-a-mole fun, damn rides with their damn centrifugal force not fun. Five minutes of awkwardness while desperately trying to fight the laws of physics so as not to squish a casual acquaintance is just annoying/embarassing.

Been swimming - After 20 years of driving by Sunnybrook pool I've finally been in. S'nice

Been sailing - Once with Mark in no wind, once with Dan in almost-to-much wind. Dan said he knew how to sail. He lied. We dumped but got her back up nicely.

Been the island/lain on the beach - As it turns out I don't much like the beach. Sand gets everywhere and if you try to read the sun gets in your eyes. Plus naked old men. ick.

Been up to Ottawa a couple times - Met Alysia's lovely parents. Played backgammon with Bijon.

Been shot down for some more jobs, and not bothered to apply for some others - no comment

Been to the spicy food festival - but didn't really eat anything as line ups too long. Beer by the lake tho was nice.

Been to a snotty bar with a guest list - Good live music, but I was sulky.

Been to the Fringe Festival - 1. Very bad autobiographical monologue, 2. Very weird poetry reading 3. Sporadically good combo of flamenco dancing and popping.

Eaten bbq on other people's decks and patios - Always good.

I've read some rather bad books and seen a lot of bad movies - And started some 'good' books but never seem to get through them. Apparently I secretly prefer total trash.

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