Jun. 12th, 2006

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I have invited a TONNE of people over to my house for a party on Friday.

I had sort of kinda run this by Downstairs and gotten at least an agreement in principle that I could use the back yard.

AFter last night tho, she's 'not sure what her plans are' for Friday. If she's home we can't use the back yard, if she isn't we can.

Now first of all I don't get that. She NEVER uses the back yard, she certainly, whatever she's doing, she won't be out there on Friday night. If she's anywhere she'll be in her front room, which is directly underneath my front room, and so directly underneath where I'll apparently be trying to fit about 50 people if I can't use the back yard. You'd think that'd be louder and MORE annoying for her.

And second of all, I need her to make up her mind. I cannot fit all these people upstairs, and if I have to relocate this I should do so soon. Likewise, if the backyard is an option, I need to start, oh, I dunno, clearing a place in the weeds, determining if there are lights out there at all, trying to get my hands on extra chairs. Things like that.

Not that I'm fretting or stressing at all about this.

It's bin a while since I had a party actually.

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