May. 24th, 2006

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I normally do not have this hard a time getting along with people. I mean, even people I know I'm probably not going to be good friends with, I can generally manage to get through time with them without things degenerating into a screaming fight. So what the hell is up with me and art teachers?

Today was bad. After a while it got to that point in the argument where I have a choice between the next words out of my mouth being "Listen you howling bitch..' and watching the whole thing just escalate RIGHT out of control, or just shutting up completely and backing off. Since the rest of the class was getting into it too at that point, (oh HER side!) and we were almost an hour into the class without anyone actually getting to do anything cos of this argument, I decided to back off.

Not that I ever really backed on, ALL I did was ask ONE, VERY basic question about the nature of abstract art. Which did not seem out of line to me in an abstract art class.

Ok, I did use the word 'pretty' in the question, and I know the P word is anathema to artists for some reason, but I corrected myself immediately and made it clear that I meant 'visually interesting' but that wasn't good enough.

So I got to spend the last hour and a half quietly seething and being pointedly ignored by the teacher and all the others. BUT I am DEFINITELY going in next week early to have a little chat with her. ARGG.

Worst thing? Stupid, snobby yes-men classmates, who don't know what the hell they're talking about - One of them pipes up once we've all settled down to work:

'May be there should be two classes. One for beginners, y'know? And one for the rest of us, who know about art'

Fucking cow.

Sucks tho cos actually she's the only one in the class who's work is actually good, so I can't also insult her ability here.

I should totally have asked her to take it outside. Except really. I am way too old for that.

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