May. 8th, 2006

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1. Last Friday I asked IT to remove Solitaire from my computer. Or rather, I asked if it was POSSIBLE, which she took as an instruction to do it. I suggested then maybe she could just make it harder for me to find, but NO, she took it right off. All day today, I keep automatically clicking the menu and then not knowing why. It's like having an amputated limb or something.

2. I spent my H&M birthday gift certificate over the weekend. H&M on the weekend is like shopping in a middleeastern souk or something. Piles of cheap clothing, hordes of people, heat, thumping music, and cranky salespeople shouting incomprehensibly at you. I bought a skirt. And a moderately indecent top that I am fairly sure I will never be brave enough to wear in public.

3. I'm forgetting something. Don't know what tho. Can't be taxes or fees or banking stuff, or job applications, cos while I haven't done any of that, I know I haven't done it. Something else. AS if that wasn't enuf.

[edit: I've remembered - My invoice. Need to get paid for April dammit. Need to remember what the hell I DID in April]

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