May. 1st, 2006

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'nother day, another meme.

Kirsty was killed by the leopard seal during an iceberg survey

Siri was killed by the bounty hunter Magus. This devestated Kenobi, bringing him the closest he had ever come to the Dark Side.
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I had a great weekend. Especially great because it was LONG. Especially especially great because it was spent at the home of [ profile] mythmaker999 [ profile] finalcut999 [ profile] dabunz [ profile] foxyfiles and [ profile] jacomothefool. All of whom were totally fun and charming despite being in the midst of what looks like a rather high stress time.

Off work early on Thursday for a job interview. I was bing so careful not to say anything wrong that I bored the pants off even myself.

Then to Ottawa. Interview with PSAC was much more friendly. They're interviewing lots of people tho, and are almost sure to find someone more qualified than me. Oh well. There's PIPSC job opening in Halifax too that I should really get on applying for. I don't actually really fancy moving there tho.

Wandering back from the interview on a gorgious sunny day stopped for coffee with [ profile] cortejo and [ profile] finalcut999 which was lovely. Then a nice aft relaxing and wandering with [ profile] mythmaker999 sorting out last minute baby shower details.

Was introduced to Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law by [ profile] finalcut999

A very relaxed and elegant baby shower on Sat, if a bit crowded. Also sitting in the sun is very nice. Got to see [ profile] beable among others, unfortunately I'm still not entirely adept at matching people I know I've met before with LJ people I know i've read before.

A drink with A in the evening. A has a very 'special' knack of always having something to worry about. I swear she cannot live in the moment. At school she was sure she'd never get a job. Now she has one and is sure that she can't keep it. She's also living with her parents, which while sensible financially seems a little over cautious to me.

Brunch with Myth on Sunday, more sun-sitting, and to home.

Oh, and my shampoo exploded on the way home (probably because I sat on my bag while waiting for the bus) and got on my contact lens case. Which meant I nearly blinded myself this morning by sticking shampoo directly in my eye. I am, as a result, operating on no depth perception today. Fortunately depth and perspective aren't needed in my job. ha.

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