Apr. 11th, 2006

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So I finally did something about the nasty noises coming (I'm 95% sure) from downstairs.

For a while now, every couple weeks or so I'll hear banging and crashing and the occassional female yell from downstairs. I have been very actively convincing myself that it's nothing/I'm imagining it/it's none of my business. I actually had a theory I was very fond of that maybe Downstairs had a large clumsy cat that tended to knock things over in the night which she would then yell at.

But last night at about 4am there was a MAJOR crash and a SERIOUS scream, which were enuf, finally, to get my hypocritical cowardly ass out of bed and running downstairs to pound on her door and force her to come out and tell me she was alright.

Which she did. And as far as I could tell, in the dark, w/o my glasses on, heart pounding, she was. I mean she looked freaked out, but only really as freaked out as anyone would be if some maniac started pounding on your door and shouting at that time in the morning.

She wanted to know 'What?' and 'Really?' and 'From down here?'

And then offered that she must have been screaming in her sleep. And she was fine.

So I dunno.

I figure there's a couple different possibilities.

1. I totally dreamed/imagined the screaming and crash, meaning I have some psychological problems I was hitherto unaware of, and I just totally freaked out a sleeping person for no reason at all.
2. I heard it, and it did sound like it was coming from below me, but maybe it was from next door?
3. She screams in her sleep. And knocks stuff over too I guess.
4. She's lying to cover something benign but none of my business
5. She's lying and something bad is happening.

I have to go home in a few minutes, and I kind of feel that after the late night drama and all I should really knock on her door and say something. But what? An apology? Fuck, even if I'm crazy, I was still pounding on her door like an idiot in good faith. Tell her I think she's lying? Tell her, if she does scream in her sleep, that if she ever actually is being murdered in her bed could we work out a different scream/signal so I'll know the difference?

I think I'll just say I don't know what to say, and also, at the risk of being patronizing but take it for how its meant.. if she is in trouble and ever needs anything, I'm there? Or whatever. Guh.

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