Jan. 12th, 2006

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Just talked to my mom - tonight was the first big all candidates debate for Oakville. They had a little breakfast one hosted by the ..Womens Association or something, on Tuesday, which mom said quite well. But this was the first really big public one, hosted by the chamber of commerce in a a big church up in glen abbey.

And tonight she said went not just good but GREAT, and my dad shouted it from the background too, so it must be true, cos Dad's more curmudgeon than enthuser usually. I don't think I've ever heard my mom so excited. Dad says at one point near the end of the evening, when going on the offensive against the conservative candidate it would be fair to say she brought the house down. A counsellor came up to her after and asked her if she'd considered running for mayor if this don't work out.

Isn't that awesome? Yay My mom.

Plus yay my dad cos he prepped her and also remembered to bring good sticky tape so when everyone elses' signs fell down cos the heat from the TV lights melted their tape, mom's stayed up.

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